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Re: D3 Wedding Photographers

The only card failures I have experienced were marginal problems with 3 or fewer files lost and in all cases with brand new cards. I have learned to fill a new card 100% with image files and then copy the files back to a computer and open them with a viewer to verify that the files have not been corrupted.

I used the D3's second card slot as an overflow slot so I could shoot for longer stretches without changing cards. Before the D3 I would have 75% of a card filled with images and then when the ceremony would start I would start with a new card so as not to be changing cards and missing shots while the ceremony was taking place. With the second slot as an overflow I can wait until the first card is 100% full and I am starting to put files on the second card and then save the card in the first slot and move the card from the second slot to the first and put a new card in the second slot.

With the D3 my cards were 4GB capacity and good for about 400 shots. With both slots and the overflow enabled I had a 800 shot storage capacity before needing to think about changing cards. I found this much easier and I could focus my attention 100% on the events taking place.

When I first started shooting weddings with digital SLRs in 2001 I was having to continually change out the 1GB cards and the AA batteries throughout the day. Now my setup enables me to go the entire day with one battery pack and set of AA in the strobes and only 3-4 changes of the CF cards with the D3. I was very sorry to see this feature changed with all subsequent models as carrying around a second set of SD cards makes little sense.

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