next year: RX-200 with 100-360 zoom equivalent?

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Re: next year: RX-200 with 100-360 zoom equivalent?

maestro55 wrote:

Had not seen this thread until after I posted my own with nearly the same idea; count me as a big fan of this concept.


With the RX100, Sony did what many thought was impossible. It is definitely a keeper as is, even better with a few of the firmware changes many have suggested.

For me, the OP of this thread, and a perhaps enough others to constitute a 'market' for Sony, another new camera that utilizes much of the RX100 DNA but outfitted with a telephoto zoom (and Franiec type grip) would be fantastic.



Yet, with some smart trade-offs, it seems that most of the technology already exists for the enlightened market that would rather travel or hike with this 'optimized' two camera system rather than the more compromised IQ of a single super zoom or the bulk & inconvenience of an interchangeable system with bigger sensors.

The Nikon 1 team seems to be oblivious to this opportunity given their lens offerings thus far, maybe the more market-savvy RX100 design team is astute enough to recognize it and give it a try?

I think other manufacturers don't seem to have the technical skills to do miniaturization the way Sony is able to. They also seem to have slow processors when the camera is small. Finally they don't seem to have the software skills to do all the multi-shot splicing and stacking that Sony does - or maybe their hardware design does not let them do this.

The Sony camera division reminds me of Apple, Sony is able to make outstanding cameras because Sony controls all aspects of their products starting with sensor design, and includes hardware and software that are designed together for optimum functionality.

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