No new E-X

Started Aug 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Either way....

..... I don't mind - as long as the view finder and AF (CAF) are up to it, I really don't mind on the form factor too much (as long as it can balance the longer lenses ok - maybe add-on grip). 9 FPS shooting would be good too. Oh, and weather-proofing of course (given).

It would be great to have a cam to run both systems seamlessly - best of both worlds.

I really don't want to part with my 4/3 glass, so I'm willing to hold on until this new cam arrives - I have faith there will be a solution :-/

Whatever the cam, I doubt it will be out soon, so I'm considering finally getting an E5 - after holding off not thinking it was that big an improvement from the E3; might get a refurb or used one (hard to find!).

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