selling my RX100

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Re: selling my RX100

markfm wrote:

I've decided to sell my Rx100 for two main reasons.

Firstly, I bought the camera as I thought that it would have decent depth of field as people were saying and this is my major bug bear when it comes to compacts. I have been very disappointed. It barely seperates the subject from the background.

Compared to a DSLR with fast lenses you're right, otherwise it's better than most compacts. I was actually surprised by the RX100 short DOF, you have to be more careful than with other compacts when choosing where to focus. For portraits, I found that shooting at 100mm eq. f/4.9 is enough to create a shallow background, not completely OOF of course but enough to clearly separate the subject. But it will never beat a 85mm f/1.4 on a DSLR.

I know that by saying this some people will probably offer examples to prove me wrong but they all seem to be the type of shots that you could even get with a cheap compact if you shot close to the subject with the background far off etc.

Secondly, it has major highlight clipping which is ridiculous for a camera with such a large sensor and is probably mainly due to the massive amounts of pixels they crammed in it.

That's all about JPEG processing. There's many settings, you have to find what works for better DR. DRO helps a lot.

It seems the primary aim by sony was to sell as many of these cameras as possible rather than provide the kind of quality real photographers want.

If you know of any compact that is actually better, let us know.

i would suggest people thinking of buying this camera at least wait for Dpreview give their findings before buying it otherwise you may be disappointed.

You don't have to wait for dpr, there's enough reviews already by people who knows what to look for when evaluating a photographic tool.

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