Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Re: R3 here......

Guy Parsons wrote:

The R4 and R3 do less smearing and less focus errors (than R5 & CX2) so the images are better.

Amongst the CX cameras it is especially CX3 and CX4 which is to prefer for low NR.
Though I dont know which one of these which uses least NR.

The CX5 and CX6 are probably not bad but have reintroduced some marginal smudging NR compared to the CX4 at their default NR settings. It is not clarified what these are when I had a look at it in the pdf-manuals so I can only assume that it is Auto.
I list links to reviews with sample images in another thread.

But I don't think that an upgrade from CX2 to CX3 or CX4 would be worth it only for the sake of lower NR, and improved image stabilization in CX4, unless that's what you really want.

I almost bought a CX4 for a couple of months ago but slightly smoothed HD videos and no focus-tracking in these managed to hold me off. That's something that I want if I'm to buy modern compact super-zoom. The HD videos are great for concerts and this year I eventually decided to do what was possibly with the Ricoh G700 which I already had. It have slightly smudgy HD 720p videos but at least good sound.

Might be better or maybe not to wait for the CX7. Hoping that Ricoh finally comes up with a zoom on par with many of the competitors again. But then, the chances that them are going to revert back to less heavy handed NR are probably not great.

Between, the G700 is not about to stay in my lineup of cameras. I bought a used one mostly for testing-purpose and I was curious how Ricoh had advanced from the G600 which I not quite liked. For rugged or waterproof needs I'll instead keep use the old school Ricoh Caplio 500SE which uses less NR and have the same zoom and ccd as the GX8. Seems to be very much the same hardware inside with exception for no front-wheel and to have control over the aperture.

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