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Re: 800 or 800E

I'm wondering this: Since the D800 is pixel-perfect with the right lens down to the 1.5-ish pixel detail level, how much "better" than that can anybody see in images from the D800E?

By the time you factor in necessary aliasing, no digital camera is ever going to look "right" with 100% single-pixel detail. Two reasons: no tiny real-world details line up perfectly with just one pixel on the image chip. Nobody is looking at single pixels in the biggest prints you'll ever experience.

When detail is shrunk to sub-visible levels—as you'd expect in something as small as a 20 x 30-inch print at appropriate viewing distance—why would about 0.5-pixels worth of extra visual acuity mean anything?

Has anybody, at any time, anywhere on Earth looked at a digital image and said, "Gee, too bad it wasn't 0.5-pixels sharper. Too bad. Reject it. Next!"

Show of hands: How many people have seen photographic exhibits based on 0.5-pixel sharper images?

But, the reasons to obtain a D800 without the E are many. Among them, no moiré in city views. No egregious moiré in 1080p video. And the inherent ability to tweak with a micro blast of 0.3-pixel Unsharp Mask in Photoshop, if rilly, rilly needed.

In my book (and one is coming), the D800E really is a camera with a haircut. And what do we know about haircuts?

Pick one:

A. Nothing.
B. You can't uncut them.


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