Canon S95 - weird spot in middle of photo

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Re: Canon S95 - weird spot in middle of photo

My Canon S95 shows a very similar effect. It sometimes looks almost exactly the same as in your photo but in some conditions the light patch is larger and less well defined.

It must be flare as it shows only when there is brightness in front of the lens. Maybe not the sun or a light, it could be just a bright cloudy sky. Also ordinary flare from the sun in front of the lens but out of shot, is worse than it should be (and worse than when the camera was new.) It is not condensation, it happens in all weathers including very dry.

This started to happen more than a year after I got the camera and has gradually become worse.

It is not dirt on the outside of the lens, it looks clean, and cleaning it with a proper lens cleaner makes no difference (not that I would expect it to).

Strangely I had the same effect with my previous camera, a Fuji F31fd, which I sent back under guarantee. It came back cured. They said they had cleaned someting internal, I think the lens cover. Unfortunately that camera developed another fault when out of guarantee, which is why I bought the Canon.

I have an extended guarantee on this camera so I will be returning it. It will be really annoying being without it though, as it is often clipped on my belt and I use it almost every day as a notebook. Great camera apart from this annoying fault.

(Sorry if this is a duplicate post, I thought I had posted it once but it didn't appear.)

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