Hummingbird Portraits - S100fs

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Re: Hummingbird Portraits - S100fs

Now these are excellent shots Kenn. Do you have videos of em in mid-air?

kenn threed wrote:

PAUL TILL wrote:

... I know those little buggers are fast so perhaps he needed a faster shutter speed.



jcmarfilph wrote:

They are fast when they are flying. But when they are inside Kenn's backyard, they will surely pose for you.

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Yes, Hummingbirds are high-speed creatures from the inside out... and a challenge to shoot no matter where you see them, flying or perched.
This video shows how they "pose" for us: !i=1974127688&k=Pvp5R4H&lb=1&s=L

Note the rapid changes in the iridescence and the nearly constant wave-like motions thruout the body as he twitches about. Fast shutters are needed for these guys even when they're "sitting still". S100fs image stabilization is only marginally effective below 1/200, and even if you can hold the camera steady, avoiding motion blur from this body movement at slow shutter speeds requires persistence and a bit of luck.

Shooting them in the air calls for faster shutters still...

SX30 840mm ISO100 1/400:

SX40 840mm ISO100 1/640:

S5-IS/1.5xTC @650mm ISO100 1/1600:


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