FZ200 $699 Amazon

Started Aug 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
powersports New Member • Posts: 21
Re: FZ200 $699 Amazon

You wrote this on Wednesday, and there was an Amazon seller with the camera in stock asking $699, but Amazon-direct the camera was still priced at $599, though not available yet. On Thursday Amazon seller Roberts LP added their name to the list of Sellers with the camera in stock, matching Amazon-direct's $599 price.

It is now Friday 8/24, and Amazon-direct now has the camera in stock at the $599 price.

So it is totally unfair for you to blame Amazon for one of their Sellers trying to take advantage of a supply/demand situation.

Furthermore, as this camera is now in stock numerous places, I predict (based on past history) that Amazon-direct will lower their price relatively soon, probably within a matter of days or weeks.

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