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Re: Age old question w a twist

tony mac and kake walk you will be surprised. Before I get flamed I own and bought new or used G4,G5 Mac pro tower 32bit EFI with each I upgraded and paid apple for each new OS.

I have 2- Gigabyte Board computers both "Hackintoshes" Fire wire oob and even the digital output works oob (out of box) using the first line above. Not sure if DP would block those so google.

Oh just go the wife a mac mini to replace my original hack an Intel DG35EC board. I was able to use Migration from the hack to mac mini seamlessly.

The other hack took the update from the 19.95 download to 10.8.1 and nothing broke.

The reason for the hack's is the G5 and then Intel mac tower are too darn heavy to carry up a flight of stairs when I teach elements. I debated about a mac laptop cost vs building a hack so for 800$ I have a Quad core Intel 9300, 8GB RAm and 8600GS dual video card.

Lou Cioccio

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