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Just for Fun

Someone posted a few pictures earlier that they'd taken with old Minolta lenses mounted on a Sony camera with a converter. I had a bag of old manual lenses languishing in the closet and likely to never get any use again... lenses I ADORED. So I found a glassless adapter on Ebay for $14 and figured I had nothing to lose.

I went glassless because the whole reason I wanted to use these lenses is their lovely IQ. I dearly wish someone would make a really high quality glassed adapter that DOESN'T destroy IQ, I'd pay good money for that. (Really, a couple hundred dollars for a high quality MD/MC to A converter would be worth it for me. I have quite a collection of high quality Minolta glass that could really use it. Someone get on that please.)

Couple observations:

The a900 does NOT have a "release without lens" option. But if you put the camera in manual mode it works just fine. Set the Aperture on the lens, camera will suggest a shutter speed, choose what you like and fire. Shutter WILL NOT FIRE in any mode but M.

But in M mode? Oh did I have fun. The other thing to keep in mind is an adapter like this makes ALL of your lenses into close focus/macro lenses. All of them. So my sweet little 28 2.8? Now a wide angle macro lens. Fun!

(Getting a cat to hold still while you stick a camera in their face, not easy. But the 28mm did a great job and focused nicely about 2 inches from his eye.)

Lamp shade texture:

Cut glass rainbow:

It was really too windy for flower pictures but this one is pretty good for a first try:

Finally, from my 100mm macro lens. Interesting how the lenses react. The 28mm can only focus from about 1 inch to about 6 inches from something. The 100mm macro can focus at a couple feet to about 1 inch. So a little more versatile.

Finally, no none of the lenses can focus to infinity anymore. BUT that doesn't mean you can have soem fun with long exposure landscape/light painting.

I've always hoped someone would invent a way to make a "digital back" for old film cameras, just a sensor mounted on the film plate and a simple data transfer to card device. The rest could remain totally manual, no preview needed, no menus. Just create a plate of digital "film." Sadly I doubt that will ever happen. People are far too obsessed with "features" on their cameras these days. But with the manual lenses my a900 (bless Sony for its lack of "features" they've crammed in their newer bodies) actually feels a great deal like using my old film cameras and I love it.

Muscle memory is great, instant my fingers touched that aperture ring everything kicked back in and like riding a bike off we went. I never once missed the HUD display or the missing data on the LCD. Never once even looked for them. I may go buy a few of my old dream MD/MC lenses now.

Anyone heard of any rumors for a high quality adapter with good glass? Don't mind spending real money on it. Also heard that the old M42 lenses may have higher quality adapters so might look into that route as well if that rumor proves true.

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