How do you define getting it 'right' in camera'

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How do you define getting it 'right' in camera'

So, we're always told that it the ideal is to get the shot right in camera. This got me thinking, this is fine for jpegs as you can see whether it is right or not on the screen but for RAW's?

All RAW files look pretty poor straight OOC, they have to have a reasonable amount of PP on them. This is why camera co's spend million on R&D on their jpeg engines, to process the RAW files as well as possible so inexperienced photographers or those that don't want to do a ton of PP don't have to.

So given this, how do you know that a RAW shot was right 'in camera'. You have to process the RAW file, some people have a profile set up for a lens / camera combo in DxO or LR for this purpose, others play with each individual shot but no one is taking a RAW file straight OOC and not applying any processing to them.

So, do we mean by right 'in camera' that the basics are right (WB, exposure etc) or does it just not matter any more (except for shots that are very under or over exposed or have a WB that is miles out)?


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