Canon Eos 7D or Sony A77

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Re: Canon Eos 7D or Sony A77

Ak pinxit wrote:

7d has best burst rate in this class (RAW and JPG) , also Sony's high ISO noise (and JPG noise reduction ) doesn't look good compering to Canon

Define best burst rate - is that fps in which case you're wrong as the A77 is 12fps and the 7D just isn't.

If you mean the 7D will shoot more frames before the buffer is full then you are correct.

In terms of ISO, the whole noise issue is completely over exaggerated on the A77. I have taken some really good higher ISO shots

was shot at 1600 ISO for example. In tests the translucent mirror gives up about 1/3 of a stop. In reality so much depends on the lighting, the composition, the PP etc.

Vice versa, I've seen some pretty dreadful high ISO 7D shots but again that is more down to the photographer than the camera.


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