New Fuji X-E1 Pics

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Re: New Fuji X-E1 Pics

I feel the XE1 is a great move for Fuji. I can say (for myself) this is something I've been waiting for. It should be priced lower than the XP1, and it's the answer for those who found the upgrade from X100 to XP1 too expensive, and also satisfys the one who wants to change lenses.

Fuji have always delivered in IQ, and I don't think they will let down with this model as well. The other day I visited my local Jessops, just killing some time, and they had a X10 on display. I stuck a memory card in and fired a few shots. Upon reviewing the images on my monitor, I was shocked to see how clean they were. Further to ths I looked for some full res images of the Xsi and they were absolutely great.

I mean they might not be the best in the focus dept, but they sure deliver excellent results, and seriously, the focus is not that bad, after a little while you get used to it.

I have a feeling this XE1 might have a 12MP sensor, similar to the X100, and the X100 will still continue.

I only hope it's priced the same as the X100 as that would be fair to buyers who want to invest in the XF lenses. (those primes are beautiful).
Lets hope it holds up to expectations.


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