Is it safe to by an S100?

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Re: Yes, but only if......

Yes, I would buy a S100 today!

But only if the serial numbers are outside the range of the affected cameras, which are: 29xxxxx thru 41xxxxx. I wouldn't buy, nor advise anyone to buy one of those could be had for a fire-sale price, like maybe $100/$150! And if it breaks? Canon has promised to fix it. But as for the others though, the good ones? The price has come down significantly, so "good deals" are to be had.

Personally, I own an affected S100 but as yet have had no problems. What I am waiting for is the next camera in the Sxxx line from Canon (S105?)

But "once burned, twice shy" I'll wait 2 or 3 months and see how "things" pan out. I'll no longer be "first-in-line" to buy the next new model. And that's the sad part. Canon has now made all of us "gun-shy" for the future of their new P&S cameras, and the effectiveness of quality control in their manufacturing plants.

Methinks something has changed with Canon! Smugness at being number #1? Arrogance? Out of touch with their fan base? I perceive....all the above!

It must have been difficult for them to admit to the camera buying world that one of their highly vaunted P&S cameras had a glaring defect.

Perhaps now, with being humbled, they will get their feet firmly back on the ground; And make the necessary corrections to assure their customers of "reliable" and "dependable" products......regardless of the pain involved.

I sure hope so!

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