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Re: Don't expect an X-Pro2 anytime soon

hellocrowley wrote:

I agree the EVF is crappy and hurts my eye in sunny days. But that's because of the implementation, it's not an inherent characteristics of an EVF, as other companies do it better.

EVF will get better but OVF will always have parallax error, inability to preview focus/DOF, inability to reduce focus area which leaves room for focus errors, inaccurate framing.

I'd take a good EVF over this hybrid viewfinder any day.

I'm not sure where I fall on this back and forth.

I think the point about the Oly EVF is good. I use the EVF pretty much exclusively on my xpro, but that's largely because I don't shoot many dynamic subjects with it. I was trying to capture some waves the other day and switched over for the first time in quite a while. I don't really have issues with the EVF in bright sun either. I mean it's not ideal, but it works for me.

I think this lower end X mount camera is a good bet. The X Pro 1 is the camera I have been waiting for for at least 5 years but I don't think the price point is low enough to lure people in who might be thinking about the Oly or Sony's. The advantages of the Fuji system aren't that apparent to people who don't know the difference.

The X Pro 2 is the real clincher. If they made it X Mount but with a FF sensor? I mean...I would have no choice but to buy one because it would be so awesome. If they can improve the overall speed of the camera, deal with the focus pauses in the EVF, and improve the quality of the EVF a bit I think they will have a really really solid camera on their hands, not that they don't already.

The OVF is complex enough and of limited use to people outside a certain genre of photography that I don't think its essential. Fuji should make a camera with the hybrid VF for sure, it sets them apart, but I think making it something that's limited to the higher end cameras is probably smart. It will pull enthusiasts over the line of spending more and keep the price point low enough for everyone else.

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