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suddie1215 wrote:

Open Adobe Bridge and navigate to the location of the DNG file. Select the Essentials module (its the default) and go to Metadata Panel. You will now be able to delete any identifying information in the IPTC Core section of the Metadata Panel.

There are lots of options to sharing a file; one of the easiest is to open a free account with . Upload the photo there and post the link in this forum and you should get lots of help working on it.

Snydly wrote:

Hello everyone,

I frequent this section and am always amazed at the skills you all have. I'm also a bit frustrated that I can't quite get there. I'm self taught, have an old computer and CS5. I've done photo's for my family, Prom's, Homecomings, Football etc.

One of the last football games my son played in I took photo's of a retiring Referee. I've worked on it, but not completely happy with it. I don't like asking for free advice but many of you are always happy to help, so I thought I'd put it here to see what you guys/girls would do, and how far off my final is.

The problem is, I'm not sure how to get it here. I have the .DNG file, and saved it as a .tif with little to no processing. When I say that, I mean I went through and zeroed out everything, and left the process in Adobe 2010. I don't want to put a jpg here, and I know there is a file size limit. I don't yet have a website to link to. I guess I could knock the dimensions down, but I'm not sure that would give you the ability to get the best out of the file.

Also, I don't know how to remove my name from the exif data, if that really matters.

How do I get a workable photo here?



Excellent, thanks...


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