E-PL3 blur issues with IBIS

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Re: PS: IBIS isn't the issue, its You

Looking at picking up a E-PL3, so all this is really interesting (coming from Nikon, looking for a smaller go-everywhere rig).

Good info, but really disappointing truth be told. I suppose since Pani doesn't have IBIS, it's not a huge deal from a competition stand point.


JohnGl1 wrote:

following my previous message :

Two hypothesis :

1) this could be a poor handling technique with a lightweight camera - but I never saw such blurring with other lightweight cameras I've owned like Sony NEX-5N. In this case, it would mean that IBIS has no effect at such exposure times - not satisfactory.

2) IBIS problem

So in both cases IBIS is not working well a...

I did not yet test with other lenses.

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