G1X vs RX100 at 3200ISO

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Re: DUH !!! G1X vs RX100

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

When I said NEX-7 has two stop advantage, I was making the comparison at the same SNR. I picked 35 dB because that is the best G1X manages (at ISO). NEX-7 has the same SNR at ISO 400 (ISO 100 to ISO 400 is two stops). SNR at lower ISO (as expected) is higher for NEX-7 (40.7 dB at ISO 100).

Ha, I see you looked at the wrong graph. Select "Print" not "Screen" (top left of the graph) otherwise you compare apples to oranges when cameras don't have the same pixel pitch.

An easy way to compare the cameras is to use their tool:

http://bit.ly/P8tV61 (I had to shorten the link as the original would be too long to work).

Now it's easy to draw an horizontal line and see how far the results are apart. About one stop (very slightly less actually) at all ISO in favor of the Nex cameras.

On all graphs the Nex are obviously better than the G1x sensor.

Now the interesting bit, the RX100 sensor is one third the sensor size area of a Nex camera. That would translate to about 1.5 stop less performance. But if we interpolate the Nex sensor to the RX100 it could mean that the RX100 could be as close as 0.5 stop from the G1x.

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