I think this is a NO NO...sorry

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Re: I think this is a NO NO...sorry

Debby Peters wrote:

I have a Canon Eos 60d and only one nice lens, ie a very nice telephoto is what I desire.

I have the following in Oly, the E510, 100-400mm, 35mm macro and a 14-54mm.

I was too poor to upgrade my E510 and by the time I could I thought the E-5 a dinasaur, I'm sure I was wrong. So now I have a mess. Thinking of selling all my Oly equip and getting one great Canon lense, or saving and waiting for Oly.

There is another option, you don't have to buy a new Canon lens: how accessible is it for you to get the lens from second hand (used) market, and for a third party lens maker like Sigma? The reason is that they are cheaper.

You mentioned you can wait and save. So you can also do that for the lens.

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