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Re: condone ugly, fat, stupid, violence?

Just taking photographs of them is not condoning who and what they are and what they're doing.

You have already made that point, and you seem confused. If you willingly offer services to photograph an activity, then you condone the activity. Don't confuse the activity with the person. Photographing the "marriage" is the issue. If I do a portrait session of someone at the park, it doesn't mean that I'm condoning everything and every decision they've ever made. I don't care if they are gay or straight. Get real.

Does taking pictures of fat people mean you support people being fat?

If I offered my services to photograph some type of ceremony that is completely based on celebrating the commitment to get as fat as possible for the rest of your life....then yes, it would mean that I support people being fat.

If you take pictures of war or cops beating someone at a riot are showing your support for violence?

If they hire me to celebrate such an action....then yes, I would be showing support for violence.....are you serious with this?

If you take a picture of Obama that means you have to vote for him?

Is voting for Obama a sin against my one true God? Well, not according to the Bible.

If you took pictures of a hunter wtih his gun you approve hunting?

No, but he is not actually hunting in this situation, is he? And hunting is not a sin against my God. However, if I refused to photograph him while he was shooting at an animal because I had religious convictions, I would not expect to be dragged through court for discrimination.

If you took pictures of a nazi rally you're approving nazism?

No, but if I willingly offered my creative services to photograph them during a mass murder of a helpless people, then it would probably seem like I'm condoning it. Don't you think?

If you took pictures of jerry sandusky does that mean you support child molestation?

No it wouldn't. But if I let Jerry hire me to do a couples session for him and a young boy.....that would seem like I'm condoning a sinful act against my God. I'd have an issue with that.

Nope. I don't think any of that is true - and neither do you.

You have clearly twisted my point. I have nothing against photographing people, regardless of sexual preference or life decisions. It is the "MARRIAGE" that I would have religious convictions against photographing. You keep saying that offering creative services to photograph it is not condoning it, but you are still wrong.

This isn't about how I feel about every demographic. The litmus test is "will I feel right with my God if I hire myself out to photograph this." If I don't feel right because of my religious convictions, then I SHOULD have the right to decline. There are lots of other legal things that I won't photograph for the same reason.....and none that I would be dragged into court for.

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