G1X vs RX100 at 3200ISO

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Re: DUH !!! G1X vs RX100

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Signal to Noise Ratio on NEX-7 at ISO 400 is similar to SNR out of G1X at ISO 100. In other words, the sensor performance is superior in the NEX-7 by two steps if you want to consider the best out of G1X. I think you should stick with a camera in G1X price class or cheaper.

I don't know where you're looking on the DXO mark website but I don't see the same results.

Basically what I learned from the DXO comparison:

  • The Nex cameras (5n, 7) are about one stop better (3dB = 1 stop) at high-ISO, this is reflected by their low-light score : 644 for G1x vs 1016-1079 (Nex). Not quite one full stop but close.

  • Dynamic range up to ISO 400 is much better on the Nex cameras by almost 3 stops at base ISO. Starting at ISO 800 they are similar.

  • Tonal range and Color sensitivity are better on the Nex.

Conclusion, DXOmark gives a rather poor total score of 60 for the G1x while the Nex-7 and 5n get 81 and 77 respectively. But the graphs are more interesting than the final scores.

Interestingly the G1x has a sensor performance almost identical to the Panasonic GH2, except for ISO 12800 where the GH2 falls apart completely.

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