Kodak exits the film business

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Re: It is crap like this

Faintandfuzzy wrote:

Marcamera wrote:

Stupid statements that go nowhere, that helped bury Kodak. Film could survive, but not for some of the reasons that are quoted:

"The British Journal of Photography said the news would concern the industry.

"A lot of professionals still shoot with film and like the quality it gives them," Olivier Laurent, news editor at the journal, told the BBC.

"The resolution is still a thousand times higher than most digital cameras can offer so long as a good scanner is used."

While the first part about the professionals is all-right, the second part, claim about the resolution is utter nonsense, that can be verified to be such by a 10 yr old with a modern p&s.

Really...can you point out an inexpensive digital solution that will match the resolution of my 4x5 rig? What DSLR do you know that will match the rex of my RB67 loaded with TMax or Ilford PanF? I know when I get a high end scan of Ilford PanF, it offers resolution that exceeds my D800 but a fair margin....and 4x5 is a step up from that.

Just ordered more Kodak E100 G 120 film for my medium format work that costs a WHOLE lot less than a digital camera that could match the same resolution. Ending Kodak film production is no surprise but I'm troubled by the news, especially considering the gains from using larger format techniques or lenses beyond the limits of my digital equipment. Even the fading away of such an iconic name or logo would be troubling because it always was such a cornerstone in photography.

As for the aesthetic characteristics of film, it's like an announcement that all painting supplies would be limited to acrylics, oil no longer available. I would sure miss the choice of mediums. There have always been characteristics about film that make a difference, I have never felt that digital is a replacement for film. They each have their own to offer.

I hope Kodak's choice doesn't reflect the remaining still frame film industry.

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