is the GF5's sensor better

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Re: is the GF5's sensor better

fastlass wrote:

kermitG9 wrote:

I like all these threads were people use the word: better .. The problem is that it doesn't quantify anything.

I don't know how to use quantified data, so I'd like a qualified description from the wise members of dpreview.

But why looking for a textual description when it would be so easy to use an image comparator ?? Check out imaging resource and tell us what you think ...

That's easy, because I'm not smart enough to extrapolate from the sample images how a camera's output will look for my purposes: I can't judge a camera's performance, via its output from the static lab shots.

You do need to be smart to extract anything useful from a textual description that will fit your purposes.. If I tell you.. it's much much better.. would you be able to derive anything from that ? If you actually do, then it's only because you've put your own subjective interpretation into that statement.. That's why I was commenting on the word "better"..

The best way to judge a sensor .. is and will always be to judge the output .. and the best way to do that is to use your eyes.

If you don't want to use "lab shots" (why not ? they're great for seeing how a sensor has evolved vs. previous models because all shots have been taken in a "homogeneous" environment), then the 2nd best way is to use published pictures.. But ultimately, it's up to you..

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