Can I get your views on photographing people randomly?

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Edward In Toronto Veteran Member • Posts: 4,217
Photography laws in your area?

Here are the photography laws in my area, Toronto Canada.

Best to research the laws in your area first.

Then, there are two types of street shooters, those that engage with their subject and those that snipe from a distance. Both ways produce fine results and it’s a matter of personal preference in which way you go.

Me personally, I prefer to snipe. I use a EF 100 f/2 lens and sometimes EF 28 f/2.8 lens. I have the camera in my hand down low by my side, I bring it up to my eye, take the shot and put it back down low within 2 seconds. All the time walking and never slowing down or missing a step. Sometimes people will notice me doing that, but they always shrug it off and don't care because it doesn't seem like I'm seriously photographing them, they probably don't even think that they are the subject, they might think that I'm just taking a wider view. But I will sometimes get them looking at my camera, which usually makes a good shot.

It's hard work, I can walk around for hours and not get the chance at an interesting shot. There are lots of missed shots because I only get a moment then the shot is gone.

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