Off camera flash with Auto FP

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Re: Off camera flash with Auto FP

You will undoubtedly get more response in one of the appropriate forums ("Nikon D4 - D1 / D800 Forum" and/or "Studio & Lighting Technique Forum"), than you will here in " Welcome to the Nikon Talk Forum, the place to discuss Nikon compact digital cameras ".

Andy Phillips wrote:

Hi from the U.K. I am fairly new to strobism and need a bit of advice as I am getting confused. I want to do a "Beach/Model shoot" in bright sunlight using off camera flash. Sunlight which will give exposures far greater than the sync speed of 1/250.

The technique I want to experiment with is where you fire in manual mode and the shutter speed controls ambient light and the aperture controls the flash power. So by underexposing 2 stops ie increase the shutter speed and I can darken the background then light the model with my speedlite either by changing aperture or increase the flash power.

I know that if my speedlite was attached to the camera I can activate FP AUTO and set 1/250* to achieve the higher shutter speeds. But how do you do this if the speedlite is off camera? As soon as the Speedlite is detatched you have to go into "Remote" in camera.

I know one technique is to use a polariser to reduce your shutter speed to below sync speed but lets say that I cant.

I am using D700 with SB900 Speedlite.

Sorry If I'm missing something obvious but I bow to you experienced strobists knowledge......Andy

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