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Re: No Aperture selection on Lens ?

Yeah I'm confused about the confusion about the aperture dial. It's quite easy to see, haha. Looks pretty straightforward. Though I question the materials that might be used, both for the body and the lens. The lens looks particularly plasticy to me. I hope this is not the case. I kind of hope the camera body IS plasticy, so that I don't have to agonize over whether to keep the XP1 or sell and get this one. I hope there is some differentiation in more than just the lack of OVF.

57even wrote:

There IS an aperture dial on the lens, and an "auto-manual" switch. Its just that the actual aperture will depend on focal length and will only be visible in the VF.

Besides the rear wheel could easily be used to change aperture. It doesn't do a lot else after all.

brudy wrote:

It's tough to know without seeing the back, but where would the aperture dial be? On my 7D it's a perfectly placed vertical wheel at the top of the body, and there's the top LCD to easily see all the settings. Nothing like that here. As a fan of older manual focus cameras (and my x100), it's one of the great things about the Fuji primes. I'm not all that interested in the zooms here, but it will be interesting to see how the implement that (if they do).

John Bean (UK) wrote:

LWheeler wrote:

If you had to go through electronic menus to change the aperture, it would be a bit of a nightmare in my opinion, and is kind of loosing the retro feel of the camera...

Lack of aperture ring on the lens in no way implies having to use menus to change it. The vast majority of modern cameras - including pro models - have no aperture rings.

Incidentally, I'm with you in preferring an aperture ring (like on the X100, say) but I'm equally happy to use a control wheel instead - which you have to do anyway with the X100 if you want anything finer than whole stops.

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