Studio Strobe Recommendations?

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Re: Studio Strobe Recommendations?

I disagree with your power assessments. All you need to overpower the sun is something that will give you F16 and a 400ws flash with a a softbox will easily do that at portrait distances even with an internal baffle. We use an elinchrom bxri 500 and it works great for that and is portable and works with the vagabond. We tried the buff stuff and it works great too but I like the remote power setting capabilities of the elinchrom better. I really disliked the buff cyber system even though it's actually more versatile than elinchrom.

Sailor Blue wrote:

As mentioned, lights from Paul C. Buff are well worth looking at. The company has about the best reputation in the industry for customer support and standing behind their equipment. Their portable power supplies are widely used with both PCB strobes and other brands.

For a small studio 300 Ws to 600 Ws lights are about right, assuming they can be adjusted to at least 1/16th of full power, and 1/32nd is best. Too much power is usually the problem in a small studio, not too little, but you need 300 Ws-600 Ws for the medium-large diffusers that should be used for the main light. A 3'x5' softbox or 60" umbrella is a good first main light diffuser.

For overpowering the sun you are going to need a whole lot more power, 1600 Ws minimum, and likely 2400 Ws. In fact, really too much to make a good studio strobe unless you are using something like an 8' octobox or a 4'x6' softbox for your main light.

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