Olympus might be Throwing out the baby with the bathwater

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Re: Olympus might be Throwing out the baby with the bathwater

Durm wrote:

Im sure almost everyone has heard the phrase "Dont throw out the baby with the bathwater"

If Olympus doesn't come out with a new 4/3 camera, they are throwing out all the photographers who specialize in "Timing Specific" photography..

Those of you that shoot that way know who you are.

I think we, OVF people, are all in the gutter already, Durm. especially with the recent Olympus UK's statement in Facebook. (Check the well known rumour site if you are not sure what I meant)

At the present, I don't have an urgent need to be able to visually track and snap pictures of small fast moving objects, and if I do, the 620 would still be able to do that easily. But I foresee I would be needing that in 3 to 4 years. At that point of time, I would be looking at whatever iterations of new or used Rebel/EOS kit available.

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