Olympus might be Throwing out the baby with the bathwater

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Olympus might be Throwing out the baby with the bathwater

Im sure almost everyone has heard the phrase "Dont throw out the baby with the bathwater"

If Olympus doesn't come out with a new 4/3 camera, they are throwing out all the photographers who specialize in "Timing Specific" photography..

Those of you that shoot that way know who you are.

You know, and have experienced the delay between the real world and the view in an EVF.

"Spray and pray" with a fast continuous rate doesnt always work (In my experience it hardly ever works"

The fact that the delay in an EVF isn't constant (it changes with, among other things, the light level) so it is difficult, if not impossible to compensate for.

I no longer shoot those kinds of photos, but I know from doing it that my success rate with an OVF was about 85% and try as I might (and I did try) my success rate with an EVF camera was dismal (20% or worse).

So for the few photographers that REALLY need an OVF to be happy I hope they do issue an new DSLR.

I always know what I mean to say, but I dont always manage to say it clearly.

Owner & user of a bunch of E-series and m43 cameras.

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