RX100 Close Ups Africa II

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LTZ470 wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:

Very impressive, indeed and big thanks for sharing the photos.
I like especially the color rendition and clarity of your images.

Incidentally, I will be traveling to Kruger NP in South Africa next week but being so busy with RX100 grip I had not much time to play with the cam. I was thinking to substitute taking wider angle zoom lens for my DSLR with RX100. I'm affraid that going that route unprepared could be quite disastrous. Could you share your settings and techniques so I can take advantage of your findings?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the kind comments Richard...

These were shot with Standard Setting..."A" Mode...f/3.2 to 4.5...Utilised Flash with -2 Setting so it wouldn't blow-out details...0 Contrast...+1 Saturation...+3 Sharpness...Spot Metering...-0.3 EV after realising some were being overexposed...Flexible Spot AF...I use Focus Peaking Richard usually set to Red Color and High, this allows me to adjust focus accuracy, which even on the Nex-7 is marginal when shooting close ups...

Use Focus Peaking on still objects to insure focus accuracy and pin point what you want, not what the camera is wanting to "focusi" on...it works...unfortunately the Contrast AF on the Sony's and Oly's leaves something to be desired for shooting close ups...Panasonic is much more accurate with their Spot AF...

PP'd with Windows Photo Gallery:

Cropped for composition...Auto Exposure then tone down highlights 20-100%...Bump up shadows 10-20%...increase Contrast 10-20%...Auto Color then warm back up as required increasing Saturation 10-20% if required...Adjust Details: NR 30-50%...Sharpen 10% if it doesn't create visible noise otherwise I leave it alone...the +3 sharpening in camera does have noise in it, but I am shooting for details and I shoot jpegs only...RAW hasn't ever proven to me I need it except when I get WB off then yes it is nice to have a RAW file, but I quit worrying with it and shoot jpegs...even the EM5 jpegs I get better shots from than the RAW's I have taken and converted....
FlickR Photostream:

Thank you for sharing the settings and post processing tips, very much appreciated.
I will take RX100 on the trip with boosted confidence.



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