My Tamron 24-70mm 2.8VC just arrived

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My Tamron 24-70mm 2.8VC just arrived

Regardless of the numerous amount of poor reviews, I took the plunge and bought one to use on my D3s.

This is my own take on the Tamron 24-70.

I use mainly Nikon Pro glass, so would like to see if this 3rd party Tamron is a keeps.

Upon opening, you can feel straight away that its very well built of quality plastics, but feels in a good kinda way.

The front element glass is pretty close to the filter thread area, so if you are the clumsy type, you may want to think of the risks of damaging the lens. Taking in mind that the petal hood protector is a bit on the small side.

I found that the plastic hood required some force to twist on, and that if you do not fully position it into place, you may see serious amounts of vignetting, like I did.

Only by checking, and clicking it into place, did the dark vignet like shadows, disappear.

I had to twist the lens to 70mm, then hold onto that extended barrel firmly, before using the other hand to apply some force to attach that petal hood onto the lens.

You probably don't want the possibility of damaging the extending lens barrel part, by twisting the hood onto the lens, like you would normally do.

The focusing wheel was not as fluid as my nikons, but it wasn't exactly stiff.

Whenever you turned the focusing wheel and stopped, there would be no accidental over focusing by a tad, nor did it feel like it would extend or retract, when you lift or lower the dslr. Thats how I felt.

I did not experience any loose buttons or parts that had play in it.

It has the weather seal gasket, which I am really pleased about, as I would sometimes shoot in heavy rain.

The AF was just a tad slower than Nikons, and definitely and noticeably not as rapid as Canons USM's.

BUT, it was so quiet that I did not feel or hear it twitch or move. That, I really like.

The colour from the images where not as vivid as Nikons. But very natural looking. Sorry, can't find the right words to accurately put it.

I wouldn't write this lens off, and don't be put off by the poor reviews.

I've bought many lens, and to be honest, I've not personally come across a bad copy of a lens yet, myself.

Now, time to take it out for a first proper shoot to see how my new baby performs.
Hope this info. helps those who are thinking about the Tamron 24-70.

Good Luck

Nikon D3S
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