More M10 rumors

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Re: More M10 rumors

monoblocks wrote:

There are rumors about live view and electronic viewfinder with upcoming M10. In reality, there is no room for live view or any electronic view finder in taking photos when one has to look into the viewfinder and focus with the rangefinder system.

Or perhaps it has something to do with taking video? But then, who wants to take video with a Leica M camera? Without auto focus, does it make life any easier to take video with manual focusing M lenses? And why should one spoil their best quality M lesnes with such low resolution videos? Obviously one can pick up a more user friendly and capable Japan made camera at a much much lower prices. I believe Leica is smart enough to make a new camera that appeals.

Live view will be great for wide angle as you won't need an external view finder. Also the hard to focus long lenses.

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