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Regardless which body Olympus process they don't stand a chance. Also, Canon has nothing currently, the 7D is also old and there is nothing else in the pipeline.

That appears to be the case. The 7D is more akin to the D7000 than the D300, apart from speed and buffer size in any case. If someone would be happy with a 7D it's very likely that a D7000 would do equally as good job, so long as the difference between 6FPS and 8FPS wasn't a make or break issue. I think it's quite likely that the D7100 will have a higher frame rate. In a way, it needs to just to line up with what Sony is doing - not that the SLT's are going to be a serious player, just that one can't afford cameras to look too limited compared to the competition.

I think we have discussed this before. No, the D7000 is NOT a D300s alternative

clearly that is not true. The D7000 is an alternative to the D300s. It is not an exact match, but it is an alternative to be considered. However, what you say corroborates what I was saying. If you consider that D7000 not to be close enough specwise even to consider as an 'alternative' then the 7D is not an alternative. From Nikon's point of view, they only have to worry about lost sales if a competitor offers a product which addresses a market where they don't have a player. As it appears they haven't. So, were it that Nikon didn't offer a linear successor to the D300s, then D300s owners wanting to move on would have a choice between cameras from several vendors, one of them Nikon, which failed to be an 'alternative'. Chances are they'd buy a product that did exist rather than one that didn't, and if they already had Nikon kit, chances are it would be a Nikon.

and so, somebody who is happy with the D300s will probably not be happy with the D7100 in a D7000 type of body with the D7000 AF and performance, even if fps would be higher.

But would they be any happier with any of the alternatives? That is the question.

You don't seem to understand this because you never had any of those and most probably never held them in your hands so you have nothing to compare with.

My point doesn't relate what D300s owners would be happy with at all. They can only buy what is offered, and there is no rule saying that every product line must be continued for ever. The question I was posing was would they be any more happy with a 7D than a D7000 (even the current one) given that the 7D AF seems by lensrentals test to perform less well than the D7000 (it is certainly lower specced), when the 7D has a similar mode dial interface to the D7000 and when the 7D lacks several of the features of the D7000, yet alone D700.
Look at this DPR feature comparison


The best featured camera here is clearly the D7000. Its deficiency against the 7D is 2FPS and 2 plastic body panels. Its deficiency against the D300s is 12 focus points, a metal chassis, 1 plastic body panel, 1/2 FPS. Then it has plenty of features neither of the other things do. In the end this always comes down to the intangibles - so-called 'ergos', size, grip design and such like. Never anything tangible. And if you're stuck on the intangibles, chances are you'll be even more stuck on Canon's intangibles.

I have hard time to understand your engagement in this question since you are in any case not interested in DX format.

Of course I'm interested in DX format. I will probably by an APS-C camera in the near future. I have a need for a more compact and manageable alternative to my FF gear. I would have bought it already if Nikon hadn't depleted my resources by making me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Of course, you are welcome to express your opinion, but it seems like you made this thing into some principal issue for you. You hardly post anything on the Nikon D4 - D1 / D800 Forum where your camera (if you still have it) is discussed, yet here you are the top poster, mostly engaged in arguing against the format and against the main subject of this forum, the Nikon D300 - D100. Why is that?

An active discussion builds up a lot of posts, whereas an undisputed one doesn't. Your statement that I 'hardly ever post on the D4 - D1 / D800 forum' is complete nonsense. Close to a lie, I think. My recent activity shows me active in 10 threads there, 3 here. Just that the number of posts per thread builds up, because a small number of people on this forum insist that night must be day because they like the D300s.

Something for you to consider. Why is this topic controversial here and on the Olympus SLR forums and almost nowhere else?

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