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cwtbone wrote:

When I was deciding on a new camera it came down between the A65 and the Nikon 7000. I had the money for either one in my pocket and a couple of old Nikon lens sitting at home. I was really not too keen on changing systems since I had already owned the A100, the A700, and the A33 and had a decent lens set. I told my wife I was going with the A65 because most of my photography was wildlife in generally good light and I thought I could get some stunning photos with the 24 meg sensor. I was aware that low light photos were going to be a problem so I was going in to this purchase with my eyes wide open. I was right on both accounts but to a bigger degree than I thought. My good shots are better than I have ever taken and my high ISO shots were much worse than I have ever taken. I think the 24 meg sensor cameras would not be a great camera for someone who does a lot of low light work but I love it for my kind of photography. I have not used the Sony cameras with the 16 meg sensors so I may add an A57 for that kind of work since I hear that it's much better for high ISO shooting.

Right, take a Nikon D7000 which gives crappy IQ instead, http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/studio-compare#baseDir=%2Freviews_data&cameraDataSubdir=boxshot&indexFileName=boxshotindex.xml&presetsFileName=boxshotpresets.xml&showDescriptions=false&headerTitle=Studio%20scene&headerSubTitle=Standard%20studio%20scene%20comparison&masterCamera=nikon_d7000&masterSample=nikond7000_nrn_iso%201600&slotsCount=4&slot0Camera=nikon_d7000&slot0Sample=nikond7000_nrn_iso%201600&slot0DisableCameraSelection=true&slot0DisableSampleSelection=true&slot0LinkWithMaster=true&slot1Camera=sony_slta65&slot1Sample=dsc02913&slot2Camera=nikon_d5100&slot2Sample=dsc_0069&slot3Camera=sony_slta57&slot3Sample=dsc00310&x=-0.3997338879370165&y=0.22677075286001352

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