How to use Nikon flashes with new Olympus OMD E-M5

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Olympus FL-LM2 clip-on flash

gisle wrote:

ShelleyD wrote:

Can the little flash be off camera via a cord to flash the Nikon strobes?

You should be able to use them off-camera with a cord. I think your TTL remote cord SC-29 will work without modification on an Oly (but still only give you M/AA/GN modes), but if you run into problems, but insulating tape over all the contacts except the edge connector (GND) and centre connector (X-sync).

Please disregard the above paragraph.

I now realise that "the little flash" is the Olympus FL-LM2 clip-on flash. It is a fully dedicated flash for the Oly e-M5 that do not even have an ISO foot. That, of course, rules out using the hot-shoe of the SC-29 cord to connect it to the camera.

To use the Olympus FL-LM2 via a cord, you need to find a compatible cord (or adapter). I did a quick search and did not find anything of that sort.

Also, to use the Olympus FL-LM2 to trigger the SB-800 (SU-4 mode) and SB-600 attached to a basic optical trigger, you must be able to suppress the pre-flashes from the Olympus FL-LM2. I have not been able to find out if this is possible or, if it's possible, how you do it.
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