Best & Affordable 50mm Legacy Lens for NEX-5N

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Re: Best & Affordable 50mm Legacy Lens for NEX-5N

The honest answer Joe is that probably any decent 50mm from the last 25yrs will likely meet your needs, but I do feel that the 50mm ai nikkor 1.8 is a fine choice being well made, good performing and plentiful at the right money.

If on the other hand you want something quite flexible with exceptional performance you could look at the 55 mm f2.8 micro nikkor. It is not fast but wide open is close to perfect, focuses close if you want to go that way later. It has zero CA, distortion and vignetting and is easily the sharpest lens I have ever tested on the NEX cameras. Bokeh is nice too and it should be possible to get one for your budget amount.

Yes 2.8 is not that fast but honestly it is about as wide as you should go if you value getting fully useable shots reliably that work well for real prints and not just scaled down web images. I know there is a bit of a fad for shooting wide apertures but most times such images lack the clarity for fully satisfying wall prints unless you are very very careful with focus and even then it only really works for individual portraits, groups invariably need more DOF than F 1.8 provides.

Trying to make the complex simple

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