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Re: RX100 in-camera HDR

nathanhw wrote:


That tumblr page has some really nice shots, though I think it's a little ironic you're talking about the unrealistic look of HDR, since there is considerable manipulation in some of your beautiful shots -- which stray from realism, too, though in a different way (ie, more in the traditional ways of film photography).

But I'd be proud to have created many of those tumblr photos.

It is true that I do some manipulation, though not a large percentage of my work is heavily manipulated.

The above image of the bathroom is quite nice in terms of DR. Not cartoony, not flat. Most of what I've seen previously as examples of HDR are way over the top; a tool misused and in the wrong hands, like over sharpening or effects for effects sake. The bathroom image gives pause and I will be investigating the RX100's HDR capabilities going forward.

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