Bummed by MBP retina and 30" Cinema display combo

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Re: Bummed by MBP retina and 30" Cinema display combo

Snomys wrote:

Someone with a MBPr and 30" Cinema display is complaining about a $100 cable? where's the laughing my ass off smiley?

Yes, haha, like money grows on trees right?

Well pardon me for complaining, but that is EXACTLY why I'm bummed. The Cinema display has been in use for several years, connected to a multitude of devices without a single issue. The first time I plug it into a computer from the same manufacturer, it fails to work. AND I read online that the only solution available is flaky. And that is what I spend my hard earned money on?

Don't get me wrong, I am LOVING my new MBP, but I feel Apple could have done this differently.
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