Camera for Street Shooting

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Re: Camera for Street Shooting

Gene L. wrote:

I would be looking at the micro 4/3 cameras. There are some good ones out there and plenty of lenses in the range you would need including a few fast primes. The lenses are so small they almost look miniature. I think the unassuming non-pro look and size would be a significant benefit. Being able to swap lenses makes the one body a versatile solution for various needs.

A work buddy has the Olympus P-E3 mirrorless with the pancake lens and the 45 f/1.8. I played with it a bit using the clip-on viewfinder and am impressed. It is very small, almost pocketable, which seems ideal for street photography. Focusing is reasonably fast and accurate, similar to an entry level DSLR. He is getting some nice photos from it. The downside is more noise at high ISO, but that is a small trade-off for such a tiny system. It would also make an ideal travel system.

Thanks for your reply

MIcro Four Thirds is very appealing due to size and lenses but really the images from those cameras are good just not great. Which is why i was thinking of DSLR's

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