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Guidenet wrote:

I think you're being a clown. I mean that nicely, I do, but a clown none-the-less. You've got around $2000 to spend or maybe less or maybe more and you're looking at more small cameras with little sensors.

You went to a store and tried a D700 and felt it was way too big. Come on. Too big for a 3 foot high child maybe. It weighs less that a policeman's gun he wears all day on his side. It weighs less and is smaller than a pregnant lady's tummy or her purse she carries all day long. It's smaller and less cumbersom than an umbrella. My good hiking boots are larger by far and weight more. How about a canteen of water? You see? It's not big unless you're just comparing it against smaller funzie cameras and those smaller cameras won't give you what the D700 will in low light and in overall image quality. Lose that point and shoot thinking.

You just have to live with that D700 for a whle to know and understand what you're getting. You'll never look back. Without a grip it isn't hard or heavy really. Get over that "too big" mentality and get an IQ you'll die for. The D700 has never been so inexpensive as it is right now. Otherwise you'll be dinking about with small sensors for another go round.
Cheers, Craig

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hey i understand the full frame IQ doesn't compare to the cameras i'm looking at..but toting a D700 with a 50mm attached may come in the way of stealth street photography, might intimidate some people?

the images i've seen from the D700 are astounding and i'm really tempted to get one but thats my concern...

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