Help calibrating L358 to D800

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Re: Help calibrating L358 to D800

Place your meter flat against the chart with the dome extended and aimed at the camera when you take your reading. This is the way Sekonic recommends you use the meter and it WORKS!

Now if the meter reading is off more than 1 stop then something is wrong. First go to Calibration Compensation on page 26 of the manual. Check to see if you have any Calibration Compensation already being applied. If you don't then you should send the meter in for recalibration.

You can enter a Calibration Compensation value of up to ±1 stop but if my L-358 was off by more than about 0.5 stop I would send it in for recalibration. Mine has never been off by more than 0.2 stops.

Check with each lens and camera. There are tolerances with aperture openings and sensors so f/8 with one lens & camera may be f/7.9 or f/8.1 with another camera or lens. A strip of tape on the meter with the offset for each lens or camera written on it is a good way to remember.

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