What does m4/3 do that the Sony RX100 can't? What am I missing?

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The whole point

The RX100 is a great camera, and its about time someone made it. But it doesn't do everything an interchangeable camera does. That i why we buy interchangeable cameras.

The EPL1 will give excellent image quality across most of the range from 14mm (the kit lens is almost prime quality at this FL) through 20mm (a superb prime) and on through the range of the 40-150 which will challenge most lenses for sharpness.

Throughout that range you will have varying advantages in light gathering from less at 14mm to a stop or more along the way up to 150mm.

We get more telephoto range (you don't because you dont use it).

The EPL1 provides the option of an EVF which is a deal breaker for many people. It also provides some direct buttons and control (although not many), manual zoom, provision for a real flash, remote flash control and automatic dust remover off the sensor.

The EPL1 also provides a much cheaper starting point, allow the purchase to be gradual rather than having to cough up a lot of money at once.

The EPL1 and lenses you suggest also gives the ability to upgrade the body in future and retain the lenses. The benefits of this only surface if you maximise your options by waiting for close-out deals on future cameras, but at least you have options.

If someone was buying a kit now, they could get the EPM1 for roughly this price, which would provide faster focusing and shutter lag, which is a big deal for me.

To top this off, the most important feature is of course the ability to fit a different lens. And that is a biggie, even if you don't currently see a need to do that. Having the option means that you, the child you pass this on to, could get a wider ranges of uses out of it into the future.

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