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Re: Prints

Wow, thanks for all the responses!

OniMirage wrote:

consider the pixel dimensions and cut that in half as the maximum print size. For example a 3200x2400 would be a 16x12. Remember to apply a slight over sharpen when printing by way of increasing the amount or increasing the radius but don't do both.

That sounds like a workable formula, thanks.

Your second point is interesting, and I was actually thinking about something similar the other day... depending on what monitor you might view an image, the colors change slightly, which leads to something more relevant here.

Guy Parsons wrote:

You need to have a serious talk to the person who will be printing the image to see what the requirements might be and see some sample work of theirs to see if it will be suitable. I imagine that good quality printing will cost money, and a Wallmart lucky-dip might not provide a satisfactory result.

Regards............. Guy

Thanks Guy, I think I'll take the advice to have a sample image printed before going large, to ensure I'm getting the colors and quality.

RSColo wrote:

I agree with what others have said, but I had to respond. That is a great shot. I do a lot of panorama work and that is a very nice image.

Thank you.

Guy Parsons wrote:

That's why it is always important to consider the original camera pixels per inch of print desired, no matter what happens to the file afterwards, as long as it is never downsized at any stage, only upsized in interpolation terms.

Again from my practical tests, using Qimage then 200 pixels per inch still gives an excellent result (on postcards where one's nose is always against the print), but the source file must be of good quality. No point in even attempting 300 pixels per inch if the source file is soft.

Regards....... Guy

I'm not getting this. Are you suggesting that I provide the original full size file to the printer or downsize the image first to meet thier dpi requirement. So say I want an image of 42".....17403/42=414ppi. If the lab's printers requirment was 300dpi, would I want to resize to 300dpi or just let the printer take care of that?

It's late, I should probably re-read this tomorrow :).


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