New LG 30" monitor panel

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Re: New LG 30" monitor panel

I don't have too many details, if any, but since you've yet to get a reply here's my thoughts. Like you, I understand that most display makers get the panel itself from LG. Moreover, I heard that new panels were coming in the second half of the year. So far, however, the only new LG panel to make it into anyone's display was not a wide-gamut panel. Moreover, my memory isn't clear but I'm not sure it was even 30". A wide-gamut monitor is what I'm after so there's nothing upcoming that I've heard about. Let me know if you learn anything.

hkrautter wrote:

Anyone have any updates on this? I've been waiting to buy a 30" moniotor and thought I'd wait for the new LG panel to come out. I know it was supposed to come out the third quarter.


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