B and H store....amazing

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B and H store....amazing

It's amazing how this store puts tons of cameras on display, including multiple functioning copies of high end equipment like the D800 and Canon 5D Mark III that you can try out. I was even able to get my hands on a Canon 1D X and Nikon D4. But anyways, this is the Sony forum, so:

The Sony SLTs (took this with an a77 I was playing with):

The NEX side:

And a broader view of the Sony stand:

Several interesting observations (my opinions):

  • The K-30's live view CDAF with the kit 18-55 was amazingly fast - faster than the K-01 with the 40/2.8 and perhaps even faster than the T4i. The screw drive AF is also very fast. However, it does make a more noticeable high pitched noise than the screw drive on Sony cameras (and Nikon cameras). The low pitched screw drive noise from my a580 seems quiet in comparison. But yeah, fast CDAF with the screw drive is possible. I wish Sony had this - it's hard to beat CDAF's accuracy with still subjects.

  • The Pentax Q feels like a keychain toy....until you realize that it actually turns on and takes pictures. Interesting, but I don't think I'll pay DSLR prices for a camera that doesn't deliver in the high ISO department. And the K-01....smh. I couldn't get along with the user interface or the handling, and CDAF speeds were slower than the K-30, although it's about as expensive. I don't know why they're still selling it.

  • I found Canon cameras difficult to get familiar with. With every other brand (Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax DSLRs), I could pick up the other high end cameras and figure everything out within about a minute. It's probably just me, but Canon's button press combinations don't seem too intuitive, and the overall feel of Canon's interface just seems different from every other brand. And I keep confusing that big round scroll wheel for a four way controller when handling the camera by feel.

  • Nikon's way of placing buttons makes it impossible to enter playback mode without taking your left hand off the lens. As a result, image review is slow (and clumsy if your lens is too big and heavy). That's a pity, because Nikon's cameras are pleasantly fast and responsive otherwise. Also, I wish Nikon would display all of the selected points when using dynamic area, not just the 'main' point.

  • The D300s had less mirror blackout than my a580 at 7 fps. I had much better visibility during the burst with the D300s.

  • I can't seem to get along with the EVF from any manufacturer. Not centering my eye perfectly gives horrible chromatic aberration, pixels are visible once you examine something through the finder (although the a77 is better - pixels aren't noticeable unless there are diagonal lines), and switching between the EVF and LCD screen is still too clumsy and slow. If I had to choose between EVFs, though, the 1.44 M unit in the NEX-7, a77, and a65 would be preferable.

  • The NEX-7 is a really beautiful camera. I can't really describe it...it's just elegant, shiny, and looks amazing. But that price tag hurts.

  • Don't put a class 4 SD card in a 5D Mark III and shoot a burst of raw+jpg images. You'll stand there for an eternity looking silly while you wait for the buffer to clear. Whoever asked for so many megapixels...

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