7D isn't water resistant... lol

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Nito123 New Member • Posts: 19
Re: 7D isn't water resistant... lol

Yeah I know what a compact camera is. My point is that the tile of this forum is misleading and no where does it specifically state "point and shoot". Instead of posting the same thing over and over in every thread just deal with it and move on. People will eventually figure it out.

toomanycanons wrote:

Point and shoot=compact. Didn't you know that? Or does "compact" mean DSLR to you?

Nito123 wrote:

toomanycanons wrote:

I give up. I think instead of getting the moderators from stressing in this forum's title that it is for "Compact Point and Shoot Camera Talk" they should stress in the title "For all DSLR talk for those who want to post here, go for it".

The title actually reads

"Welcome to the Canon Talk Forum, the place to discuss Canon compact digital cameras."

Where does it specifically say "point and shoot cameras". Get over it and just deal with it! LoL

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