Bug in EA-2 firmware?

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Re: Bug in EA-2 firmware?

Yes, I experienced the same camera lockup issue but only with Minolta lenses (never with Sony lenses). My assumption was that it could be because of the old lens not providing distance info to the EA-2 adapter (due to the lack of distance encoder in the Minolta lens).

As for the second issue (max aperture limit of F3.5 when autofocusing in video), there's not much you can do about it unless you're focusing manually. Here's the relevant part of the EA-2 user manual:

"Aperture is set to F3.5 when you record movies with autofocusing. When you are using a lens with an F3.5 or smaller F-stop, aperture is set to the maximum F-stop of the lens. When you want to set your own value for aperture to record movies, select [Aperture Priority] in [Shoot Mode], and select manual focusing before you start recording. The aperture setting selected at the beginning will remain in effect until you stop recording. You cannot change the aperture setting while recording a movie."

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