How often does Nikon "upgrade" lenses? (Looking to buy 24-70)

Started Aug 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Completely unpredictable

They don't follow any discernable pattern. Some lenses are really long in the tooth, others seem to get upgraded every two years or so. If they got a lens wrong, the odds of upgrade in two to three years is higher... but then again, there's the 80-400VR which is about four years overdue.

If you're worried about the depreciation pick up a used one from a seller with a good reputation. I think it's a wonderful lens, use it all the time. The only thing Nikon MIGHT do is make the next version VR, and at least so far I find VR doesn't do nearly as much good on my D800e as it did on every body before. Otherwise, it's a long-standing focal range, there's nothing bad about the lens that's out of the ordinary (a 3x zoom is going to have a compromise in there somewhere).

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