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GregGory wrote:

That is due the large sensor of m43, meaning much cleaner aka. better signal/noise 'data' to work from. So you ought to give the m43 sensors a 2-3 stop handicap, and you'll see roughly comparable results.

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Are you sure????

I was looking at the XZ-1 as an alternative and went to the dpreview of the Olympus camera and the JPG comparison page. Compared it to the Nikon J1, LX5, and GF1 (all of which are price comparable and all of which offer things I am looking for in a camera - I'm resigned to no camera being perfect).

If you stick those cameras in, leaving them all at the 100 ISO setting the colours are just more vivid and less washed out. Even bumping the GF1 up to 400 ISO it's still more vivid than the LX5 - I use the batteries in the lower left and the detail area of the Martini bottle - you can really see the difference in the reds and greens. The LX5 100 ISO JPGs are no comparison to the XZ1, but the GF1 is close. Interestingly for the GF1 there is the regular ISO listing and also listings for the 20mm kit lens - those are HORRID.

I'll take the XZ1 over the LX5 due to the colours (even though I prefer the LX5 ergonomics). But if the JPG colour rendering comparison between the XZ1 and GF1 is accurate, I'll go buy a used GF1 in a heartbeat.

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